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We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Agricultural Solutoins

Our vision is to become the hub for all farm equipment hiring and purchasing services in
Zimbabwe by 2025. We will achieve this ambitious vision by joining forces with farm equipment
companies that are struggling to get clients.

Our Company

An online system which will allow farmers to buy, rent or hire and sell farm equipment online. This system is helping farmers to look for farm equipment available for renting or buying near their locations. The system also helps Zimbabwean farmers to purchase equipment from as far as china and Israel. Farmbuzz have complimented this system with it’s timely delivery services of farming inputs such as fertilizers, chemicals, seeds and seedlings.

This system was developed when the country is reviving it’s economy through agriculture and at a time when the world is under a pandemic which is limiting movements of people from one town to another. Farmbuzz have more than 1 million farmers in Zimbabwe and almost 70% of them don’t own farm equipment. Small to medium farmers are loosing some of their crop products due to late harvest which is caused by lack of
farm equipment like combine harvesters.

Farmbuzz Agriculture Solutions have taken this burden upon it’s shoulders by providing a system that will allow farmers to do their farming operations on time. Farmers have to purchase these inputs via the system and within 24 hours the inputs will arrive at their farms near Harare locations of about 60km radius. It will take 48hrs or less for 60km and beyond radius.

Our Team

Anesu Mapisa

Operations Director

Wayne Titos

System Engineer

Valerie Mugar

Administration Officer

Marvelous Mugari

Operations Director

Tafadzwa Mashambanhaka

Accounting Officer

Tanyaradzwa Ngombeyarara

Marketing Officer

Emmanuel Marume

Operations Director

Nigel Mapound

Marketing Officer

Solomon Matonsi.

Operations Director

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